Absolutely new way

Looking for some unusual new way to invite your friends and family to your wedding event? ImpressionLink online wedding websites is a trending new way to do it. Since it is a rich multimedia product it leaves big impression on people and represents your love event much better than any paper invitation.

Fast and Easy

You can create, label and send out your own website like wedding invitations just in a blink of an eye compared to the headache of preparing paper invitations. Your guests will receive it immediately, without the risk of mail fault which can lead to newer reaching a recipient. You will receive RSVP responds immediately when your guest clicks a button, again without waiting of regular mail to come back and reducing the risk of any mail faults.

Unlimited Receivers

You can send Online Wedding Invitations to unlimited amount of receivers with just a click of a button and without any extra fees.

It saves your money

It is much less expensive than paper invitations, so you can save your money for your honeymoon...

Its Green

Save our planet Earth. If you use a regular paper invitations trees had to be cutted down to make a paper. By using online wedding invitations we all together can save at least some of those trees.


When I get married again, I will certainly use ImpressionLink! Just joking, of course. What must be said is that every invitation was a lucky strikes – everybody was very surprised and excited.

Bob Marcus Folton

I do remember that day at my new work – I was preparing for a very important meeting. To lay my stress down, I was chatting with my sister Lola on Skype. Ten minutes before the meeting she sent me the link to ImpressionLink wedding invitation. And believe me – I was so impressed! This amazing wedding invitation got me to know that my little sister Lola and Jeremy are getting marryed! I was so happy, so amazed, so excited and no longer nervous about my meeting. I was simply smiling throughout the whole day. I wish their happiness will last forever.

Simon S. Casterwill

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